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CartoTypeFindParam Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeFindParam:

Instance Methods

(id) - init
(id) - initWithFeatureType:text:location:


int maxObjectCount
NSString * layers
NSString * attributes
NSString * text
CartoTypeStringMatchMethod stringMatchMethod
NSString * condition
bool merge
double timeOut

Detailed Description

Parameters for the general find function.

Method Documentation

◆ init

- (id) init

The default initializer.

◆ initWithFeatureType:text:location:

- (id) initWithFeatureType: (CartoTypeFeatureType aFeatureType
text: (NSString *)  aText
location: (CartoTypeGeometry *)  aLocation 

Creates find parameters for finding nearby.

Property Documentation

◆ attributes

- (NSString*) attributes

If 'attributes' is null or empty, search all the attributes, otherwise it is a list of attributes separated by spaces or commas; use '$' to indicate the label (the unnamed attribute).

◆ clip

- (CartoTypeGeometry*) clip

The clip path; no clipping is done if clip is empty.

◆ condition

- (NSString*) condition

If non-null, a condition expression (e.g., "Type==2") which must be fulfilled by all the objects.

◆ layers

- (NSString*) layers

If non-null, a list separated by spaces or commas. If it is null all layers are searched.

◆ location

- (CartoTypeGeometry*) location

The current location. If it is non-empty, objects in or near this region are preferred.

◆ maxObjectCount

- (int) maxObjectCount

The maximum number of objects to return.

◆ merge

- (bool) merge

If merge is true adjoining objects with the same name and attributes may be merged into a single object. The default value is false.

◆ stringMatchMethod

- (CartoTypeStringMatchMethod) stringMatchMethod

The string matching method used for text searching.

◆ text

- (NSString*) text

If non-null, restricts the search to objects containing a string in one of their string attributes.

◆ timeOut

- (double) timeOut

The maximum time in seconds allowed for a find operation. Find operations are not guaranteed to return in this time or less, but will attempt to do so. A timeout of zero or less means there is no timeout.

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