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CartoTypeFrameworkParam Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeFrameworkParam.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeFrameworkParam:

Instance Methods

(id) - init


NSString * mapFileName
NSString * styleSheetFileName
NSString * styleSheetText
NSString * fontFileName
int viewWidth
int viewHeight
NSString * key
int fileBufferSizeInBytes
int maxFileBufferCount
int textIndexLevels

Detailed Description

Parameters for creating a CartoTypeFramework object when detailed control is needed. For example, file buffer size and the maximum number of buffers can be set.

Method Documentation

◆ init

- (id) init

Creates a CartoTypeFrameworkParam object.

Property Documentation

◆ fileBufferSizeInBytes

- (int) fileBufferSizeInBytes

The file buffer size in bytes. If it is zero or less the default value is used.

◆ fontFileName

- (NSString*) fontFileName

The font file. Must not be null or empty.

◆ key

- (NSString*) key

If non-null, an API key or encryption key to be used when loading the map.

◆ mapFileName

- (NSString*) mapFileName

The map. Must not be null or empty.

◆ maxFileBufferCount

- (int) maxFileBufferCount

The maximum number of file buffers. If it is zero or less the default value is used.

◆ styleSheetFileName

- (NSString*) styleSheetFileName

The style sheet. If it is null or empty, styleSheetText is used.

◆ styleSheetText

- (NSString*) styleSheetText

The style sheet text. Used if styleSheetFileName is null or empty.

◆ textIndexLevels

- (int) textIndexLevels

The number of levels of the text index to load into RAM. Use values from 1 to 5 to save RAM but make text searches slower. The value 0 causes the default number of levels (6) to be loaded. The value -1 disables text index loading.

◆ viewHeight

- (int) viewHeight

The height of the map in pixels. Must be greater than zero.

◆ viewWidth

- (int) viewWidth

The width of the map in pixels. Must be greater than zero.

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