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CartoTypeMapObjectParam Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeMapObjectParam:

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithType:andLayer:andCoordType:
(void) - dealloc
(void) - appendX:andY:
(void) - appendX:andY:andPointType:
(void) - beginContour
(void *) - geometry


uint32_t mapHandle
NSString * layer
double radius
double radiusX
double radiusY
CartoTypeCoordType radiusCoordType
double rotationDegrees
NSString * stringAttrib
uint64_t objectId
bool replace

Detailed Description

Parameters used when inserting a map object into a writable map. After creating the parameter object, add points and optionally set other parameters, then call one of the functions which insert objects.

Method Documentation

◆ appendX:andY:

- (void) appendX: (double)  aX
andY: (double)  aY 

Adds a new point to the object's geometry.

◆ appendX:andY:andPointType:

- (void) appendX: (double)  aX
andY: (double)  aY
andPointType: (CartoTypePointType aPointType 

Adds a new point to the object's geometry, specifying the point type as well as the coordinates.

◆ beginContour

- (void) beginContour

Starts a new contour; use this if the object is made of multiple contours.

◆ dealloc

- (void) dealloc

Destroys the parameter object.

◆ geometry

- (void *) geometry

(for internal use) Gets a pointer to the underlying C++ geometry object.

◆ initWithType:andLayer:andCoordType:

- (id) initWithType: (CartoTypeMapObjectType aType
andLayer: (NSString *)  aLayer
andCoordType: (CartoTypeCoordType aCoordType 

Initializes the parameter object with an object type, layer name and the coordinate type to be used when adding points.

Property Documentation

◆ featureInfo

- (CartoTypeFeatureInfo*) featureInfo

Integer attribute value (default = 0).

◆ layer

- (NSString*) layer

The name of the layer.

◆ mapHandle

- (uint32_t) mapHandle

The map handle: 0 can be used for the writable in-memory map.

◆ objectId

- (uint64_t) objectId

The object identifier (default = 0); if it is zero an identifier is assigned and returned in this property

◆ radius

- (double) radius

The radius (default = 0); if the radius is greater than zero, a point object is turned into a circle with the given radius, and other objects are made into envelopes of that size.

◆ radiusCoordType

- (CartoTypeCoordType) radiusCoordType

The coordinate type of the radii (default = MapMeterCoordType).

◆ radiusX

- (double) radiusX

The X radius (default = 0); if x and y radii are greater than zero, a point object is turned into an ellipse with the given radii.

◆ radiusY

- (double) radiusY

The Y radius (default = 0); if x and y radii are greater than zero, a point object is turned into an ellipse with the given radii.

◆ replace

- (bool) replace

If true (the default) replace the object if its ID is a duplicate of that of an existing object.

◆ rotationDegrees

- (double) rotationDegrees

The rotation in degrees applied to an ellipse map object.

◆ stringAttrib

- (NSString*) stringAttrib

String attributes if any (default = null); if there are no string attributes this value map be null.

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