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CartoTypeNavigatorParam Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeRouter.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeNavigatorParam:

Instance Methods

(void *) - navigatorParam


int minimumFixDistance
int routeDistanceTolerance
int routeTimeTolerance
bool navigationEnabled

Detailed Description

Parameters governing navigation behavior.

Method Documentation

◆ navigatorParam

- (void *) navigatorParam

(for internal use) Returns a pointer to the underlying C++ object.

Property Documentation

◆ minimumFixDistance

- (int) minimumFixDistance

Minimum distance between location fixes in metres that is taken as an actual move.

◆ navigationEnabled

- (bool) navigationEnabled

If true, and if there is a route, the position on route is updated and turn information is created, when a position update arrives. If false, the vehicle position and speed are updated but other behaviour is the same as if there is no route.

◆ routeDistanceTolerance

- (int) routeDistanceTolerance

Maximum distance from the route in metres before the vehicle is deemed off-route.

◆ routeTimeTolerance

- (int) routeTimeTolerance

Maximum time off route in seconds before a new route needs to calculated.

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