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CartoTypeNearestRoadInfo Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeRouter.h>

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double maxSpeed
NSString * name
NSString * ref
CartoTypePoint nearestPoint
double distance
double headingInDegrees
CartoTypePoint headingVector
CartoTypeSideOfRoad sideOfRoad

Detailed Description

Information about the nearest road to a point.

Property Documentation

◆ distance

- (double) distance

The distance from the chosen point to the nearest point in meters.

◆ featureInfo

- (CartoTypeFeatureInfo*) featureInfo

The road type of the arc.

◆ headingInDegrees

- (double) headingInDegrees

The heading of the nearest segment in degrees.

◆ headingVector

- (CartoTypePoint) headingVector

The heading of the nearest segment as a unit vector.

◆ maxSpeed

- (double) maxSpeed

The maximum legal speed in kilometres per hour. A value of zero means there is no known speed limit, or the standard speed limit for the type of road applies.

◆ name

- (NSString*) name

The standard name of the road.

◆ nearestPoint

- (CartoTypePoint) nearestPoint

The nearest point on the road, in map coordinates, to the chosen point.

◆ ref

- (NSString*) ref

The road reference of the road.

◆ sideOfRoad

- (CartoTypeSideOfRoad) sideOfRoad

The side of the road on which the selected point lies, or SideOfRoadNone if the vehicle heading is not supplied. It is Left if the heading vector is left of a vector from the chosen point to the nearest point on the road, otherwise Right. Another way to understand it is: if the road as seen by the driver of the vehicle is to the left, the side of the road is Right, and vice versa.

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