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CartoTypePerspectiveParam Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypePerspectiveParam:

Instance Methods

(CTResult- readFromXml:
(NSString *) - toXml
(void *) - getPerspectiveParam


CartoTypePoint positionDegrees
bool autoPosition
double heightMeters
double azimuthDegrees
bool autoAzimuth
double declinationDegrees
double rotationDegrees
double fieldOfViewDegrees

Detailed Description

Parameters giving detailed control of the perspective view.

Method Documentation

◆ getPerspectiveParam

- (void *) getPerspectiveParam

(for internal use) Gets a pointer to the underlying C++ object.

◆ readFromXml:

- (CTResult) readFromXml: (NSString *)  aText

Reads a perspective parameter object from its XML form.

◆ toXml

- (NSString *) toXml

Creates a string representing a perspective parameter object in XML.

Property Documentation

◆ autoAzimuth

- (bool) autoAzimuth

If true, ignore iAzimuthDegrees and use the current map orientation.

◆ autoPosition

- (bool) autoPosition

If true, ignore iPosition, and set the camera position so that the location in the center of the display is shown.

◆ azimuthDegrees

- (double) azimuthDegrees

The azimuth of the camera in degrees going clockwise, where 0 is N, 90 is E, etc.

◆ declinationDegrees

- (double) declinationDegrees

The declination of the camera downward from the horizontal plane. Values are clamped to the range -90...90.

◆ fieldOfViewDegrees

- (double) fieldOfViewDegrees

The camera's field of view in degrees.

◆ heightMeters

- (double) heightMeters

The height of the camera above the terrain. The value 0 causes a default value to be used, which is the width of the display.

◆ positionDegrees

- (CartoTypePoint) positionDegrees

The position of the point on the terrain below the camera, in degrees longitude (x) and latitude (y).

◆ rotationDegrees

- (double) rotationDegrees

The amount by which the camera is rotated about its axis, after applying the declination, in degrees going clockwise.

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