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CartoTypeRouteCoordSet Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeRouter.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeRouteCoordSet:

Instance Methods

(void) - append:
(int) - pointCount
(CartoTypeRoutePoint *) - point:
(void *) - routeCoordSet


CartoTypeCoordType coordType

Detailed Description

An ordered set of points for creating a route, with optional heading and accuracy information. Headings are used where available, and where possible, to decide between roads or choose the direction of travel on a road.

Method Documentation

◆ append:

- (void) append: (CartoTypeRoutePoint *)  aPoint

Appends a route point.

◆ point:

- (CartoTypeRoutePoint *) point: (int)  aIndex

Returns the route point at a given index.

◆ pointCount

- (int) pointCount

Returns the number of route points.

◆ routeCoordSet

- (void *) routeCoordSet

For internal use: returns a pointer to the TRouteCoordSet object.

Property Documentation

◆ coordType

- (CartoTypeCoordType) coordType

The coordinate type of the route points.

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