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CartoTypeRouteSegment Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeRouter.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeRouteSegment:

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithRouteSegmentObject:
(void) - dealloc
(CartoTypeFeatureInfo *) - featureInfo
(NSString *) - name
(NSString *) - ref
(double) - distance
(double) - time
(double) - turnTime
(CartoTypeTurnType- turnType
(bool) - isContinue
(CartoTypeRoundaboutState- roundaboutState
(double) - turnAngle
(int) - exitNumber
(int) - choices
(int) - contourCount
(int) - pointCount:
(CartoTypePathPoint- point:pointIndex:
(int) - section
(NSString *) - instructions
(int) - contourCount
(int) - pointCount:
(CartoTypePathPoint- point:pointIndex:

Detailed Description

A route segment. All segments except the first start at a turn (a junction).

Method Documentation

◆ choices

- (int) choices

Returns the number of choices at this turning if known; 0 if not known.

◆ contourCount

- (int) contourCount

Returns the number of contours (sub-paths) in the path.

Reimplemented from <CartoTypePath>.

◆ dealloc

- (void) dealloc

Destroys the object.

◆ distance

- (double) distance

Returns the distance of the segment in meters.

◆ exitNumber

- (int) exitNumber

Returns the exit number, counting the current junction as 0, if the junction at the start of the segment is part of a roundabout.

◆ featureInfo

- (CartoTypeFeatureInfo *) featureInfo

Returns the road type of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ initWithRouteSegmentObject:

- (id) initWithRouteSegmentObject: (void *)  aRouteSegmentObject

Initializes a CartoTypeRouteSegment with a C++ route segment object; for internal use only.

◆ instructions

- (NSString *) instructions

Returns turn instructions provided by the routing system. If not empty they are used instead of instructions generated from the information in this RouteSegment object.

◆ isContinue

- (bool) isContinue

Returns true if this is a 'continue' turn, false if not.

◆ name

- (NSString *) name

Returns the standard name of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ point:pointIndex:

- (CartoTypePathPoint) point: (int)  aContourIndex
pointIndex: (int)  aPointIndex 

Returns a point, given its contour index and point index.

Reimplemented from <CartoTypePath>.

◆ pointCount:

- (int) pointCount: (int)  aContourIndex

Returns the number of points in a certain contour.

Reimplemented from <CartoTypePath>.

◆ ref

- (NSString *) ref

Returns the road reference of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ roundaboutState

- (CartoTypeRoundaboutState) roundaboutState

Returns the roundabout state.

◆ section

- (int) section

Returns the route section this route segment belongs to.

◆ time

- (double) time

Returns the estimated time taken to traverse the segment in seconds, including the turn time returned by the turnTime method.

◆ turnAngle

- (double) turnAngle

Returns the turn angle.

◆ turnTime

- (double) turnTime

Returns the estimated time in seconds for the turn at the start of the segment; this is included in the value returned by the time method.

◆ turnType

- (CartoTypeTurnType) turnType

Returns the turn type.

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