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CartoTypeViewState Class Reference

#import <CartoTypeBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoTypeViewState:

Instance Methods

(CTResult- readFromXml:
(NSString *) - toXml
(CartoTypePerspectiveParam *) - getPerspectiveParam
(void) - setPerspectiveParam:
(void *) - viewState


int widthInPixels
int heightInPixels
CartoTypePoint viewCenterDegrees
double scaleDenominator
double rotationDegrees
bool perspective

Detailed Description

The view state, which can be retrieved or set so that maps can be recreated.

Method Documentation

◆ getPerspectiveParam

- (CartoTypePerspectiveParam *) getPerspectiveParam

Gets a copy of the parameters to be used for perspective mode.

◆ readFromXml:

- (CTResult) readFromXml: (NSString *)  aText

Reads a view state from its XML form.

◆ setPerspectiveParam:

- (void) setPerspectiveParam: (CartoTypePerspectiveParam *)  aPerspectiveParam

Sets the parameters to be used for perspective mode.

◆ toXml

- (NSString *) toXml

Creates a string representing a view state in XML.

◆ viewState

- (void *) viewState

(for internal use) Gets a pointer to the underlying C++ object.

Property Documentation

◆ heightInPixels

- (int) heightInPixels

The display height in pixels.

◆ perspective

- (bool) perspective

True if perspective mode is on.

◆ rotationDegrees

- (double) rotationDegrees

The clockwise rotation of the view in degrees.

◆ scaleDenominator

- (double) scaleDenominator

The denominator of the scale fraction; e.g., 50000 for 1:50000.

◆ viewCenterDegrees

- (CartoTypePoint) viewCenterDegrees

The view center in map coordinates.

◆ widthInPixels

- (int) widthInPixels

The display width in pixels.

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