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CartoTypeLocationRef Struct Reference

#include <CartoTypeRouter.h>

Public Attributes

CartoTypeLocationRefType type
__unsafe_unretained NSString * identifier
__unsafe_unretained CartoTypeGeometrygeometry
double radiusInMeters
CartoTypeSideOfRoad sideOfRoad
CartoTypeRoadOrientation roadOrientation

Detailed Description

Parameters used for a location reference when writing traffic information.

Member Data Documentation

◆ geometry

__unsafe_unretained CartoTypeGeometry* CartoTypeLocationRef::geometry

The point or points.

◆ identifier

__unsafe_unretained NSString* CartoTypeLocationRef::identifier

The arbitrary ID of the location reference.

◆ radiusInMeters

double CartoTypeLocationRef::radiusInMeters

The radius, if this is a circle.

◆ roadOrientation

CartoTypeRoadOrientation CartoTypeLocationRef::roadOrientation

The road orientation, if relevant.

◆ sideOfRoad

CartoTypeSideOfRoad CartoTypeLocationRef::sideOfRoad

The side of the road, if relevant.

◆ type

CartoTypeLocationRefType CartoTypeLocationRef::type

The type of this location reference.

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