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CartoTypeNavigationData Struct Reference

#include <CartoTypeRouter.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t validity
double time
double longitude
double latitude
double speed
double course
double height

Detailed Description

Data representing a location fix, for example information received from a GPS device.

Member Data Documentation

◆ course

double CartoTypeNavigationData::course

True course in degrees.

◆ height

double CartoTypeNavigationData::height

Height above sea level in metres.

◆ latitude

double CartoTypeNavigationData::latitude

Position degrees latitude.

◆ longitude

double CartoTypeNavigationData::longitude

Position degrees longitude.

◆ speed

double CartoTypeNavigationData::speed

Speed in kilometres per hour.

◆ time

double CartoTypeNavigationData::time

The time in seconds. Any consistent time representation may be used (e.g., the unix timestamp format of the time in seconds since midnight, 1st Jan 1970); the absolute time does not matter as long as times can be subtracted to give a difference in seconds.

◆ validity

uint32_t CartoTypeNavigationData::validity

Flags (KTimeValid, KPositionValid, etc.) indicating validity or availability of data.

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