CartoType iOS API 8.10-3-g0075538f6
for development in Swift and Objective C for iOS and Mac OS
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CartoTypeRect Struct Reference

#import <CartoTypeBase.h>

Protected Attributes

double minX
double minY
double maxX
double maxY

Detailed Description

An axis-aligned rectangle defined using double-precision floating point values.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maxX

- (double) maxX

The maximum X coordinate: normally the right edge.

◆ maxY

- (double) maxY

The maximum Y coordinate: the bottom if coordinates increase downwards, otherwise the top.

◆ minX

- (double) minX

The minimum X coordinate: normally the left edge.

◆ minY

- (double) minY

The minimum Y coordinate: the top if coordinates increase downwards, otherwise the bottom.

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