CartoType C++ API 8.10-3-g0075538f6
for Windows, Linux, Qt and other platforms supporting C++ development


CartoType is a portable C++ library for drawing maps, calculating routes and providing navigation instructions. It uses map files created using the makemap tool supplied with the package.

Your application can get access to the CartoType API by including the header cartotype.h. All classes and other declarations are in the CartoType namespace.

The Framework API

The Framework class is the main API for CartoType and allows you to build CartoType into your application.

You create a single Framework object and keep it in existence while your program is running. It provides access to everything you need, including map drawing, adding your own data to the map, handling user interaction, searching, route calculation and turn-by-turn navigation.

The classes FrameworkEngine and FrameworkMapDataSet, in conjunction with Framework, allow you to use the model-view-controller pattern. Usually, however, Framework is all you need.