CartoType demonstration applications

These programs are intended to show off the features of CartoType and help you decide whether the CartoType library could be a useful part of your software application.

By using the CartoType demonstration programs, maps or style sheets, however acquired, you accept the terms of the CartoType Evaluation License and you also accept that neither CartoType Ltd, nor any owners, shareholders or officers of CartoType Ltd, or any other contributors to, authors of or maintainers of the CartoType system, are liable for any damage, direct or consequential, caused by downloading, installing or using the demonstration programs, maps or style sheets, and that the demonstration programs, maps or style sheets are not warranted fit for any particular use and are for evaluation use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose.

The CartoType Maps app for Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu. view maps, calculate routes, find places, and add your own data. Install it by downloading a zipped file or .dmg file containing the application and some sample data files; uninstall it by deleting the files you downloaded, and any files extracted or copied from them.

A CartoType demo for iOS: a map viewer and route calculator using a map of Paris. It allows you to switch between stand-alone CartoType, and CartoType used in conjunction with three different map frameworks: Map Kit, Mapbox and the Google Maps API. You can install it using iTunes, and uninstall it either directly on your iOS device, or using iTunes, in the normal way for iOS applications.

A CartoType demo for Android: a map viewer and route calculator which allows you to download and install other maps if you like. You can install on your Android device using Google Play, and uninstall it using Uninstall in the Apps sub-menu of the Settings menu.

You can also download maps that can be used with the demonstration programs. They all use the style sheet osm-style.xml, which you should load from the demonstration program in addition to your selected map. (Right-click and "Save As.." to download).