MapPoint has gone. Why not use CartoType instead?

According to Microsoft, "MapPoint will no longer be sold after December 31, 2014. Technical support will be available until July 14, 2015."

Some former MapPoint users have already moved to CartoType, making use of these CartoType features:

  • route planning with unlimited waypoints and customisable profiles
  • street-level mapping of any country or region using OpenStreetMap data, which can easily be supplemented or replaced by proprietary data supplied by the user
  • pushpins and other customisable graphics to display your data
  • intelligent address searching with fuzzy matching
  • reverse geocoding (address generation) from locations or map objects
  • bulk geocoding
  • full SDKs available for C++, C#, Visual Basic, iOS and Android
  • multi-platform: available on Windows, iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, Android devices, Macintosh and Linux

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