This release was made on 18th October 2021 and is based on mainline revision 10121.

The previous release, 7.4, was made on 27th July 2021 and was based on mainline revision 9961.

A new routing system with compact data

There is a new routing system, Turn-Expanded Compact. Use the option /route=tc in makemap. It requires much less run-time memory, but, unlike the contraction hierarchy systems, allows arbitrary route profiles to be set at run time. It is suitable for large areas such as the whole of the UK on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Map file metadata

There are new framework functions called MapMetaData, getMapMetaData, etc., in all APIs, to retrieve metadata from loaded maps. To get metadata for the first CTM1 file, call MapMetaData(0). The information returned includes the version of CartoType used to build the map, the type of route data it contains, its extent in degrees, and the projection name and parameters. The Maps App now displays metadata in its About dialog.

Labelling improvements (already merged into 7.4)

  • Fixed case 5909: not all labels are displayed in graphics accelerated mode.
  • Many more islands and polygons are now labelled.
  • Sea areas (bays and straits) are now imported and labelled.
  • Icons without labels are now displayed if the label position in the style sheet is 'icon'.

Improvements to tiled routing

Tiled routing now works even if an individual tile may be greater than 4Gb in size. If you get an error message like
'file position 0x1003be20b is too big to be stored in 4 bytes; try again using /largefile=yes', you can now act on the error
message and makemap will create both the main map and the tiles with 5-byte file positions.