We supply a full Android Java API for CartoType which provides the same functionality as the C++ API. It contains the CartoType Java SDK as an AAR file that you can add to your project as a module (download an evaluation version).

You can also download a sample CartoType Android project, which contains the source code and project files for the CartoType Maps App, a program that displays a map using hardware graphics acceleration and allows user interaction including panning, pinch zooming, and rotation. It's provided as an Android Studio project, and also includes routing using different profiles, turn by turn navigation, finding placenames and addresses, night mode, and perspective mode. Everything's reasonably obvious except for setting the start or end of a route. To do that, use a long press on the position, then choose 'SET START OF ROUTE' or 'SET END OF ROUTE' from the alert that appears. The demo is ready to run. Just download the code or use git to clone the repository (git clone https://github.com/CartoType/CartoType-Public.git). Then load the project src/demo/android_demo/CartoTypeMaps into Android Studio, connect an Android device or simulator, and select Run 'app' from the Run menu.

Use the free Android Studio IDE for developing Android applications.

The CartoType Maps App on Android as an APK

If you'd like to try CartoType on Android without building an app, try the CartoType Maps App for Android (235Mb download). It's a pre-built version of the sample project, supplied as an APK file for you to install on your Android phone or tablet, with a map of London and the surrounding area. You can load other maps into it if you like.

By clicking on any of the links on this page or elsewhere on this web site, or by using the SDK material or demonstration programs, or source code, however acquired, you accept the terms of the CartoType Evaluation License and you also accept that neither CartoType Ltd, nor any owners, shareholders or officers of CartoType Ltd, or any other contributors to, authors of or maintainers of the CartoType system, are liable for any damage, direct or consequential, caused by downloading, installing or using the SDK, or by any programs built using the SDK, and that the SDK is not warranted fit for any particular use and is for evaluation use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose.


Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about using CartoType on Android please contact us.