This release was made on 25th March 2020 and is based on mainline revision 8838.

The previous release, 5.10, was made on 15th October 2019 and was based on mainline revision 8479.


These changes were made after release 5.10 was made Some of
them were merged into release 5.10.

Stand-alone contraction-hierarchy routing data files: use /route=cs to create an extra ctm1 file with the extension .ctm1.cs which can be loaded in combination with another file or files.

Asynchronous address finding: FindAddressAsync finds addresses using another thread and notifies the caller when it has finished.

Zoom and pan limits can be set using SetViewLimits

Heading is maintained automatically at route waypoints to minimise U-turns.

Added night mode: use SetNightMode and SetNightModeColor to control it.

A new routing system called TECH (turn-expanded contraction hierarchy) combines the advantages of the turn-expanded and contraction hierarchy systems. In makemap, use /route=tech. It creates an extra ctm1 file with the extension for optional stand-alone use.

Projections can be specified on the makemap command line using an EPSG code: e.g., /project=27700.

World files and PRJ files are no longer needed with GeoTIFF input files.

Large TIFF files are automatically split into smaller map objects by makemap.

TIFF files containing 16-bit integer or 32-bit floating point DEM (digital elevation model) data are now read properly by makemap.

Major bug fixes

fix for case 2544: crash when drawing labels; fixes missing labels when zoomed out too far then back on Windows
fix for case 2555: crash when panning or zooming
fixed case 2563: second built-in profile doesn't work with stand-alone route table
fixed crash indirecting through null pointer after error creating route
fixed for case 2572: asynchronous routing always uses the first built-in profile
makemap now corrects the driving side if there is an automatically generated extent
fixed case 2576: CH router calculates road distance incorrectly for some objects
trunk links were treated as primary roads in routing
the turn-expanded router didn't handle routing over restricted roads correctly
creation of routing data sometimes hung because of a bug in MString::ToDimension
makemap now treats motorway status as implying no pedestrian or bicycle access
the Android library and the TestGL demo now build and run on Android Studio 3.5.3
fixed failure to draw array map objects when graphics acceleration is off: TBitmap::Clip discarded the palette when creating the clipped bitmap
fix for case 2604: crash in CH routing, in Router::GetArcAngles
fixed failure to build on MinGW by changing nullptr_t to std::nullptr_t
fixed case 2623: SetView moves the map to the wrong place