This release was made on 9th December 2022 and is based on commit 8.2-57-g51a9fa561 in the new Git repository.

The previous release was made on 5th July 2022 and was based on CartoType-mainline revision 10787 in the Mercurial repository.

Fast street address searching

The makemap tool now creates a street index table. Street address searching is now faster and more accurate when using map files containing the new table. Fast street address searching is used automatically for searches with a street name, a city name or postal code,and an optional building name or number. Abbreviations, omitted words and fuzzy matching are supported.

Mutual accessibility checking for the time/distance matrix function

The TimeAndDistanceMatrix function can run slowly if not all the points supplied are connected together by the network of routable roads. A new Framework function, MutuallyAccessible, checks at high speed whether any group of points is mutually connected, and optionally returns the IDs of the connectivity groups to which the points belong; group 1 is the largest group, so in practice any point not belonging to group 1 is inaccessible. A group ID of zero means that a point is not connected to any other points.

The MutuallyAccessible function is implemented only for the turn-expanded router (/route=t).

Changes common to all APIs

Added function Description (Framework::Description, Util.Description, etc.) to return the Git description of the current version, for example 8.2-55-gb3dc270af.

Added new FeatureType values AdminArea1 ... AdminArea10, Address, PostCode, Position and Quarter.

Replaced Framework function RouteAccess by MutuallyAccessible, which is more useful, and removed the RouteAccess class.

Added experimental functionality to set and get label redraw speed and fix label positions during panning. This functionality consists of Framework functions or properties for label FPS (frames per second) and to enable fixed labels.

Removed Framework function UseSerializedNavigationData; navigation data is now always read in serialized form.

Added function or property LabelUpAngle.

Specific C++ API CHANGES

Added function Rect::Expanded to expand a rectangle by a certain size.

Added functions CartoType::FeatureTypeIsCity and CartoType::FeatureTypeIsPOI.

Removed function Framework::MapUnitSize because map units are now always 32nds of a meter, as defined by the new constant KMapUnitsPerMeter.

Replaced function Framework::SetPerspective(const PerspectiveParam& aParam) with SetPerspectiveParam(const PerspectiveParam& aParam), which no longer turns perspective mode on.

Simplified semantics of function Framework::InsertCopyOfMapObject: string attributes, if supplied, override the original string attributes rather than being added to them.

Changed function Framework::SetLabelUpAngle to return the previous setting.

Removed function TextMetrics::Clear.Added a constant MapTableType::KStreetIndexTable for the new street index.

Removed the point-scale argument from the Route constructor: map units are now always 32nds of a meter.

Removed the PointScale data member from the Route class.

The AbbreviationDictionary class now supports stop words (words which can be removed completely) and suffixes.

The function MString::Abbreviate now takes an optional argument allowing the deletion of stop words.

Added function MString::FuzzyCompare, which returns an integer (0 for equality).

Specific .NET API changes

Removed Get prefix from Util functions 

Specific UWP API changes


Specific Android API changes


Specific iOS API changes