fast offline routing

The standard routing system, suitable for any maps on desktop platforms and servers, and city maps on mobile devices, is flexible and fast.

route profiles

Route profiles tell CartoType how fast you expect to travel on different types of road, and also allow you to add weightings to indicate your preference. The free Maps app, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, provides an easy way to try out different route profiles. You can choose from four standard profiles, and an editable custom profile, using the Route menu (first image below). The command 'Edit Custom Route Profile...' brings up the Route Profile Editor dialog (second image below).

route profile menu

route profile editor

memory-efficient routing for mobile devices

For mobile devices with limited memory there is also the low-memory routing system, which provides offline routing for entire countries, but runs more slowly: a few seconds for a 1000km route. It creates the same routes as the standard system.

The route finder can provide the distance, time and cost of a route, based on user-specified criteria including preferred speeds and road types. You can retrieve all the details of a route, including the length, name, and geometry of all segments, and use these to generate routing instructions. The optional Navigator module can create routing instructions for you and use location fixes from GPS and other sources to perform real-time turn by turn navigation.

Routing instructions are provided for the whole route. Turn-by-turn instructions, sensitive to the current vehicle location, are also generated. Both types of instructions are available in most major languages.

germany route

Here's a long route across Germany.

germany route 2

The image above shows part of the route, zoomed in to a suitable scale for navigation.