Repeated symbols and start and end symbols on lines

You can draw repeated symbols along any linear feature. For example, national frontiers are sometimes emphasized using small crosses, and cross-ties can be drawn along railway lines. The attributes you can use are exactly the same as for the oneWayArrow element, except that you use repeatedSymbol instead of oneWayArrow. You cannot use both oneWayArrow and repeatedSymbol for a road.

This feature can be used to place arrows along route lines overlaid on the map by means of of an auxiliary map database.

Using SVG for repeated symbols

You can use SVG to define repeated symbols in exactly the same way as for one-way arrows.

Start and end symbols

Symbols can also be specified for the starts and ends of lines. The startSymbol and endSymbol elements work in the same way as oneWayArrow and repeatedSymbol and allow you to create graphics that is drawn at the start or end of a line only. This can be used for arrow-heads, transverse ticks, and the like.

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