Every <icon> section that does not load a predefined icon using the ref attribute must contain an <svg> section defining the icon using a subset of the Scalable Vector Graphics language. CartoType supports the following SVG graphic elements fully: <g>, <rect>, <circle>, <ellipse>, <line>, <polyline>, <polygon>, and <path>, and partially supports <text>.

Here is a sample <icon> section containing some SVG code to draw a large blue letter H to indicate a hospital:

<icon width='70m,16pt,100pt'>
   <svg width='80' height='100'>
      <g stroke='blue' stroke-width='20'>
         <line x1='10' y1='0' x2='10' y2='100'/>
         <line x1='70' y1='0' x2='70' y2='100'/>
         <line x1='10' y1='50' x2='70' y2='50'/>

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