Major features added to CartoType in 2021. These features are available in releases 7.6 onward.

Tiled routing

Continent-size maps can be split into tiles. Routing works seamlessly over any subset of tiles.

Shortest-time routes

Shortest-time routes can now be calculated as well as shortest-distance ones, in addition to normal weighted routing.

Insert and edit map objects

A map object editor API allows interactive insertion and editing of lines and polygons in any map layer.

Individual colors for map objects

Colors of map objects can be set individually, overriding style sheet colors.

Enhance or dim map layers

Global style sheet effects can enhance or dim selected layers.

Low-memory routing

Compact turn-expanded routing provides flexible low-RAM routing on mobile devices.

Better polygon labels

Improved polygon labeling gives many more labels for buildings, bodies of water, and land use areas.

Map metadata

Metadata can be obtained from map files using a new API.

Combining pushpins

Pushpins and other icons can optionally be combined when many are close together.